Sohial Farzam (2)

The Road to Emotional Empowerment

23rd and 24th JULY 2022




North Street, Swords, Co. Dublin, Ireland




Sohial Farzam is an Australian registered Acupuncturist and he has been practicing for 20 years. He was also a long-term lecturer at the Endeavour College of Natural Health (formally known as the Australian College of Natural Medicine) in Melbourne Australia for 14 years. Recently he has paused teaching at the college only to expand his teaching publicly, both domestic and internationally. 
Sohial’s main area of speciality is in Psycho-Emotional imbalances and emotional empowerment. He is a well-known practicing acupuncturist in Australia where he practices as an Emotional Wellbeing Acupuncturist in a multi-modality health centre. He currently presents many seminars on psychological and mental health conditions around Australia, New Zealand and hosts many industry speakers.
Sohial has recently founded the “International Integrative Mental health Conference – A Chinese Medicine based Event”. This is the first of its kind conference in the world solely focused on Mental Health. The conference hosts some of the greatest speakers, clinicians around the world.
Sohial has a special interest in psychology, human behaviour, neuroscience, quantum physics and philosophy. He integrates all these study angles into TCM concepts to fully understand the dynamics of the psyche.
Sohial has also completed further qualifications completing internships in China. He has 2 certifications in clinical studies working in Liaoning Hospital of TCM in the area of neurology, eye microsystem and advanced acupuncture as well as certifications in Beijing in specialised Acupuncture and Abdominal Acupuncture protocols. Sohial also founded and is the owner of one of the quickest growing Acupuncture and Chinese medicine supplies wholesaler called NeedlePro Australia. His products can be found at
A complete and in-depth look at psycho-emotional and spiritual disorders and how to achieve massive breakthroughs with Your clients and personal empowerment as a Practitioner. 

I would like to 
acknowledge the teachings of Jeffrey Yuen and Leon Hammer among many other great teachers and educators whom have had an influence on my thinking and clinical skill.

Come and Join this Inspirational 
Days and Change the way you look at

Emotional Disorders Completely.

What are some of the topics covered in this powerful 2-Days:
✅ Intention & Prerequisites of a Healer | The evolution of Consciousness | The integration of Heaven, Man, Earth
✅ The drive of human values | The Science of Pain, Trauma & TCM | Quantum Physics/Healing in TCM
✅ The Organs and Personality Traits | The 3 Levels of Emotional Penetration | The 3 Brains and TCM Model
✅ The Miracle 8 Extraordinary Channels | TCM & WSM models of Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Anger, Bi-Polar, Stress, PTSD
✅ Psycho-Spiritual Causes of Disease | Full Analysis of 50 Acupuncture Points for Emotional Empowerment
✅ Analysis of Shen, Yi, Po, Zhi and Hun | And much much more…