Tuina Training Courses Ireland 2022


Tuina Training, demonstrating seated routine for Frozen Shoulder (2015)

Tui Na is a rising star in the world of hands-on healing in Ireland. It has long been a main component of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is widely used in China, including in hospitals. It is a therapeutic massage and can be performed as either soft tissue or deep tissue massage.

It is a complete system, which means that, in itself, it can be used to treat ailments, or indeed the entire body, through freeing blockages of Chi (aka energy flow).

 It uses the same body map as acupuncture. However, while acupuncture treats using needles at specific points throughout the body, Tui Na uses manual stimulation of these points. ‘Tui’ – meaning ‘push’ – and ‘Na’ – meaning ‘grasp’ – indicate how this is done. 

The practitioner uses his or her hands to physically adjust the body in a variety of ways, such as pushing, kneading, rolling, brushing, shaking, pressing and rubbing, to create friction and heat which is absorbed into the body.


Weekend 1 19/20 Feb

The hand techniques of Tuina

Application of the techniques

Structural flow and rythm

Weekend 2  19/20 Mar

Tuina Routines for general health

Supine and Prone 

Understanding application of routines

Weekend 3  09/10 April

Manipulation techniques of Tuina

Pressure and transmission 

Practical diagnosis methods


This is a hands on training, and through better understanding of the process of disease the practitioner will understand what is required to treat with effective techniques.

Tuina, like acupuncture, has its roots in traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis is based on: seeing, touching, palpating and questioning, and treatment is focused on Tuina/acu points and meridians.

The foundations course requires attendance at the 3 weekends plus clinical case studies to be submitted.

The location of the course is at the 

Sherwood Healing Arts Centre

Dunmanway, West Cork   P47 YE37