Unified Acupuncture Theory - 3 Levels of Training IRELAND 2021/2022(TBA)

“Having the opportunity to study under Daniel Deriaz at the start of my academic career introduced me to the various types of acupuncture that existed and opened my eyes to the limitless possibilities. Upon completion of my formal acupuncture training I went on a quest to learn and acquire as many different styles and techniques that I could. This ranged from Worsley style 5 element, to Manaka Japanese style acupuncture, to Master Tung acupuncture, to Korean Sa’am 4 needle technic, and finally to Dr. Teh-Fu Tan and his balance method. It was with Dr. Tan that I was able to find a common thread between these different styles and allowed me to combine them into practical clinical treatments.”

Jonathan Shubs – UAT Founder and Creator.




Unit 8 Zone C, Mullingar Business Park, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, N91 E6PH

TIME :9am to 5pm – SAT/SUN
DATES: 6th and 7th NOVEMBER 20201
6th and 7th NOVEMBER 2021

UAT is a method for understanding the mechanisms of how acupuncture works.

It explains the underlying principles of meridian systems and interactions. Coming from an integrative mindset, the UAT facilitates inter-disciplinary (hence unified) approach to acupuncture.

Jonathan has created a simple system that underlies all major acupuncture modalities including:

– Balance method
– I Ching
– Distal needling
– 5 element theory
– Saam acupuncture
– Japanese acupuncture
– Manaka acupuncture
…and of course foundational TCM

This will allow you to incorporate many different approaches into a coherent unified system for incredibly effective treatments…with fast results!

The course includes the following :

  • A mathematical model of the meridians and their interactions.
  • Supporting evidence of the mathematical structure taken from the classics (Nei Jing, Ling Shu, I Ching) as well as modern mathematical principles.
  • A systematic explanation of how to apply the structure in treatment and how to choose the most effective treatment method.
  • How to incorporate various treatment modalities into a single syFOUON


  • Treat pain in anywhere in the body with distal needling. This course is based on the article “The Foundations of Channel Theory” printed in the Journal of Chinese Medicine in September 2012 (issue 100) and years of studying with Dr Tan and his Balance Method.  
  • This course describes, explains and leads to a real understanding of how and why meridians interact with each-other and how to use this information to improve clinical results.  
  • This information is invaluable in the clinical setting as it permits the acupuncturist to understand why they are choosing the acupuncture points they are using and to develop customized treatment plans for their patients.  
  • TCM has been teaching that each point has indications as to its function.  These indications are often given without an explanation as to why or how the point works.  
  • This course demystifies this seemingly empirical information and gives the acupuncturist confidence in their treatment plan and allows them to know that their patient will get better.